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Irina Shumovitch

has been living in London since 1983. She taught Russian at St Paul’s Girls’ School –one of the leading private schools in the UK, was a lecturer at the University of Westminster, and for over a decade worked as a producer for the BBC.
Throughout the years, friends from Moscow and St. Petersbug often asked Irina's advice about how to enter their children into prestigious English schools. On their behalf, Irina filled in dozens of applications, visited numerous schools and established contacts with their administration.

Now she is offering her service to a wider circle.
Irina has two children, both are educated in excellent London private schools.
For a preliminary consultation, call Irina on +44 7811 820 205, or contact her by e-mail: irina.shumovitch@btinternet.com

You can read Irina's blog in Russian: http://irashumik.livejournal.com/


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'London's Leading Educational Consultancy' (Tatler)
‘Parents speak in reverential terms’ (The Good Schools Guide)
'Provider of the most sought after tutors in London' (The Evening Standard)


Bonas MacFarlane is the established provider of specialist education, consulting and tuition.  Since 1992 their consultants and tutors have gained a reputation with thousands of  discerning families, for helping their children succeed at the leading schools and universities in Britain and the USA.  Their service remains discrete, bespoke and focused on helping students achieve to the best of their abilities, as they continue to work in partnership with families from many walks of life and countries.


Together with Bonas MacFarlane, we have the shared aim of securing outstanding educational standards.





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There is a number of educational consultancies doing what we do. The difference is that our approach is more personal. We work with each client individually, assess each child according to their academic abilities and individual proclivities. Once the child is placed into a school, our job is not over. We continue providing support in whichever form it is needed. Some children just need somebody to talk to, others want to do extra sports during exeat weekends, or require additional one-to-one tutoring to keep up with their school work. We do what is needed in each individual case.

We maintain continuous contact with our children and their parents, providing them regular reports about their child's progress. We organise birthday parties for the children, drivers to pick up parents at the airport, book theatre shows, restaurants and can offer many more services, including finding accommodation to buy or rent.