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5. The Independent Schools Show

A must-visit event for all London based parents, ISS 2010 is a celebration of private education. Meet over 120 leading schools all under one roof. Join the debate with free entry to the Education Theatre. Taking place in the beautiful Battersea Park Evolution Centre...it's just a walk in the park.

Visit: http://www.schoolsshow.co.uk/

6. The Good Schools Guide UK

A highly opinionated, unique and professionally written guide on independent and state schools. Written by parents for parents; the editors monitor, research and VISIT all 1200+ schools in the guide. The website carries unique data on school catchment areas, comprehensive in-depth examination results analysis and informative written articles on all aspects of education.

Visit: http://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/

7. Leading UK Schools

A website aimed at helping parents to see, at a glance, the key strengths that differentiate the UK’s leading independent schools. The ethos of the independent sector is such that schools have the luxury of being able to define themselves in a particular way, whether it’s a strong academic record, smaller classes or even traditional values. No school can do equally well for all children; a child will flourish in some schools and struggle in others and this website is all about highlighting the benefits of each of these leading schools in order to assist parents in deciding where to send their child.

Visit: http://www.leading-schools.co.uk/

8. London Parents Forum

Short courses for parents held by the leading child education professionals in London.

Visit: http://www.londonparentsforum.co.uk/

9. The Dyslexia Teaching Centre

The Dyslexia Teaching Centre provides highly qualified, specialist support for children and adults of all ages, enabling individuals to acquire the skills needed for success in education, the workplace and everyday life.

Visit: http://www.dyslexiateachingcentre.co.uk/

10. Quintessentially

Quintessentially is a private members' club offering a 24-hour global concierge service and a passport to the very best that life has to offer. Whether is be travel, music, art, food, spas or education; they are committed to the notion that quality matters.

Visit: http://www.quintessentially.com/

11. Quintessentially Education

Bespoke educational service just launched with Quintessentially

Visit: http://www.quintessentiallyeducation.com/

12. Upsticks Relocations

Экслюзивное агентство для частных и корпоративных клиентов, которые ищут жилье в Лондоне или окрестностях. Оказывают широкий круг услуг, помогают с переездом и размещением в новых условиях.


13. Популярный журнал "Sobaka.ru"

Публикует интервью с нами



14. Spears magazine

Опубликовал интервью с Ириной Шумович



15. Программа Enterprise разработана Сарой а Ньютон - ведущим английским специалистом по развитию потенциала подростков. Программа Enterprise создана чтобы помочь выпускникам школ и университетов найти работу





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News and Events


Выбрать подходящую школу для ребенка нелегко. Чтобы сделать информированный выбор, посетите Шоу Независимых Школ в Бэттерси Парк 29-30 октября 2010 года. 120 лучших школ Англии соберутся в Лондоне, чтобы встретиться с родителями и рассказать о сильных сторонах своих школ.