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We work with a number of the leading English schools, including:

News and facts

Eton College - Eton has educated boys for nearly six centuries. The College continues to develop Henry VI's original vision by providing a distinctive education, accessible to any talented boy. Through the six centuries Eton has been educating boys much has changed, but the essence of school life has remained as described in the mid-nineteenth century by William Cory, an Eton Master.

He wrote that at a great school it is not just knowledge that is acquired, nor even the 'shadow of lost knowledge' that later protects you from many illusions, but most importantly the arts and habits that last for a lifetime. The school encourage each Etonian to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive young man, a well-rounded character with an independent mind, an individual who respects the differences of others.   By the time he leaves the school, we want each boy to have that true sense of self-worth which will enable him to stand up for himself and for a purpose greater than himself, and, in doing so, to be of value to society. Boys aged 13-18.


On 11 May 2010 года David Cameron became the 19-th Prime Minister of Great Britain to have attended Eton College.

Why has Eton produced so many prime mininsters?

On 27 May 2010 года Eton celebrated 150-th anniversary of CCF. In the morning the Queen visited the school to be present at the trooping of the school's colour. In the afternoon, a military parade took place in the College Fileds.


Registration no later than at 10 years 6 months, for entry at 13+. Places are allocated at 11+.

Open days- May 2014, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm, by appointment.

Harrow School, is one of Britain's leading independent schools. one of the few schools still specialising in providing high quality boarding school education for boys. Harrow was founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I to a local landowner, John Lyon. It soon became one of the greatest schools in the country, attracting pupils from all over the world. The schools wants its pupils to be happy and balanced and provides high quality of pastoral care, and combines academic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom. In recent years many pupils have gone on to distinguished careers in business, the law, medicine, the armed forces and the media.
Boys aged 13-18.

Famous Old Harrovians include Winston Churchill and six other British Prime Ministers, the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Nehru, as well as poets and writers as diverse as Byron, Sheridan and Trollope.

Open Days: 12 open mornings a year, 10-12, by appointment with the admissions office.


Winchester College - Winchester College is a school for boys aged 13-18. It was founded in 1382 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, together with New College in the University of Oxford.

Winchester exhibits an unbroken tradition of learning, a real enthusiasm for knowledge and a curiosity about the way our world works. The school offers a distinctive curriculum and a wide range of cultural and physical opportunities. Although their matriculation results are excellent, preparation for them does not dominate a boy's time at the school. Winchester college strives to cultivate habits of disciplined organisation and clarity of thought, practical qualities necessary for a happy and creative life, together with a deep respect for the best that has been thought and said in the European cultural tradition.


Winchester College is the oldest school in England. When Henry VI founded Eaton College, he took Winchester as his model, visited it on many occasions and borrowed its Statutes and removed its Headmaster and some of its Sholars to start his new school. But apart from that interruption Winchester carried out its founder's intentions with great distinction.

Open day - Saturday 31 March 2014, for parents of boys aged between 7 & 9. Requests between 1 March & 1 May 2014.

Rugby School, founded in 1567 году is one of the few co-educational boarding schools for boys and girls aged 11-18. Boys, girls and staff come to Rugby from a wide range of backgrounds. They have collective aims, but everyone is treated as an individual: all boys and girls are encouraged to develop their talents and to use initiative to do so.

As an individual everyone is part of a larger group – a year group in a House, the House itself, a class, a team, the School community and Rugby town. The school's ethos is to think of others at least as much as of themselves, giving as well as receiving, trusting others, being tolerant of those with different views and habits, respecting all around as individuals and caring for their well-being.

The School community provides support, the friendly and happy atmosphere at the school rings out the best in all and encourages a spirit of co-operation and generosity.


Amongst the school's graduates - British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll, contemporary writers Salman Rushdie and Francis Stuart.

In 1823 a local lad called William Webb Ellis first ran with the ball and invented the game of rugby football. Today, innumerable tourists visit the ‘home of the game’ and rugby teams from all over the world can be seen training against the distinctive backdrop of Butterfield’s Chapel.

Open days: 23rd September 2013 for entry in 2014.

Sevenoaks School - Sevenoaks School is a co-educational day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11-18. Founded in 1432, Sevenoaks provides academic excellence with a strong pastoral and co-curricular emphasis and a global dimension inspired by the International Baccalaureate. There are about 1000 pupils in the school, including international students from over 40 countries around the world. Boarding is an important element in the school’s life and ethos. There are about 340 boarders and 640 day pupils in the school. Around half of the Sixth Form board. Half an hour from Central London and from Gatwick International Airport, it is situated on an attractive 100-acre campus adjoining Knole Park.

The school has been teaching International Baccalaureate for 30 years. Since 1999, stopped A-levels and became the first IB school in the UK.

The Sunday Times recently ranked Sevenoaks as the Independent Secondary School of the Year, with superb GCSE and IB results.

Open morning - Saturday 22nd March 2014 for entry into Year 7 & Year 9, registration starts in January 2-14. Saturday 7 June 2014 for entry into Year7, Year9 & Sixth's From. Registration early 2014.