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In some cases, we provide consultations and a programme of preparation for entry into the leading UK universities. We can also offer a programme for USA university entry.




Our musical programme is based on our many years of cooperation with the leading musical educational establishments in the UK - Royal College of Music, Royal Academy, Purcell School. Together, we have established a programme of lessons, exam preparation, music competitions and summer courses for young musicians.

In some cases, we can help with applying for a music scholarship.

In order to learn more about our musical programme, contact us by phone +44 7811 820 205 or email: irina.shumovitch@btinternet.com



the best education your child can get




Our programme is unique, devised to ensure that your child gets the best school education in England. It's uniqueness lies in the fact that we work with the best schools in England, and provide the insight into their complex admissions system. We organise visits to schools to help you chose the right school for your child; help with applications, prepare for entry exams and interviews.

The choice of the right school will influence a number of life decisions, including your child's social circle, academic progress, university entry and future career.

British educational system is quite different, and often children from abroad need some preparation to successfully pass entrance exams. We provide intensive one-to-one tuition with experienced tutors who have years of experience in preparing children for entrance exams ino UK schools. The sooner the preparation starts, the more chances for success.



Our work doesn't end when your child gets a place in a UK school. We provide continuous support to each child, depending on his or her needs. Whether it is just a friendly chat at the time of emotional turmoil, a yoga teacher to help with growing aches and pains, one-to-one tuition to keep up with a difficult subject, or a birthday party in an interesting venue in London.
We maintain continuous contact with our parents, providing regular reports about their child's integration and academic progress. We also offer a number of other services, from airport pick-ups and hotel bookings to finding accommodation to rent or buy in London or in the country.

This is why you might want to chose to work with us - we will make sure we look after your every need!