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If you have opened our website, you certainly know that school education in England is the best in Europe, that British private schools are known all over the world for excellent education, high academic results and for opening to their graduates unlimited opportunities in the future. If you want your child to be taught by teachers who are enthusiastic about their subjects and have high expectations of their pupils and dedicated for them to become happy and successful, you have found what you need.

We provide


individual school placement into best schools England. Our aim is to choose the school best suited for your child. We conduct the interview to determine academic abilities and personal inclinations of the child. On the basis of the interview, we select the most suitable school. With the help of experienced teachers, we help prepare for entrance exams and interviews. Our primary goal is to help children develop their maximum potential.

Adapting to life in England

In order to receive school education in England, the child has to leave home, part with his family and go to live in a foreign country. Adapting to life in England is much easier when a child has continuous support. We constantly supervise our children, ensuring not only their academic progress but also their integration. In each case, our support is individual. Organising a birthday party, finding a yoga class, airport pick-up for children and their parents, additional English lessons, tours of England, tennis and music lessons, or lunch in a country pub with a friendly mentor - we will organize what is required in each individual case. All this is possible thanks to our longstanding relations with the management of leading British private schools, as well as with tutors, music teachers, psychologists, dentists, doctors.

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Open Days

Most independent schools have Open Days several times a year (for dates look at Our Schools) If you are interested in a particular school but can not attend an Open Day, we'll organise an individual visit to the school of your choice.


Music programme

We offer a special programme of preparation and entry into specialised music schools, including Purcell School, Royal College of Music and other schools with strong music departments. In some cases bursaries and scholarships are available. There are also special programmes for children talanted in sports, including tennis, fencing, rowing, alpine skiing.


Typing Courses

Touch typing is unanimously and correctly thought of as one of the most boring things to learn on the planet. But it is also an invaluable skill for education and life beyond. Learn to type with the BBC specially designed fun typing course.


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